Saturday, November 26, 2011

Craig Ward

You might remember the Good Typography is Invisible poster by Craig Ward. I looked into the creator and found some other amazing examples of great typography. Craig Ward in his 30 years has become a renowned typographer and so I thought a ‘person of interest’ post was in order.

Craig grew up in an English retirement village, which must have made for a peaceful upbringing, I stayed at a retirement village in Cairns not long ago and we napped every day! He went onto work in advertising agencies as an art director and designer.

He now lives in New York creating award winning typography. Craig has also featured in a number of books including The 3D Type Book, RGB - Reviewing Graphics in Britain and Impressive - Printmaking and Letterpress in Graphic Design

Here are some samples of his beautiful typography. There are quite a few here as I had trouble narrowing down example to include here. I love his ability to inject emotion into the words. Such as in the piece titled 'Love Studies', soft, floating and dreamy or the piece 'Dont Let Go' with hands grabbing adding a feeling of desperation and pleading to stay. You can find more on his website, words are pictures.

You Blow Me Away 
Created for Department for Transport

Don't Let Go

typeface designed by Craig Ward

Love Studies

Wish You Were Here

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